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Re: attempting cloth tonight

she is 2.5 it works GREAT!!!! SHe wore the diaper from around 9pm-7amish nursing to bed once in the middle of the night and gain in the early morning.. outside was super dry not even a little wet. Even in a good sposie night she is often a little wet around the inner thighs... the microfiber and the minky insert were all soaked but not completely saturated (so I think it could have held more) but the top was still pretty dry. DD skin looked great which was my biggest worry. The diaper had that I've been on all night ammonia-pee smell but nothing knock you down icky burning smell I rinsed it out with my diaper sprayer before tossing into the pail.. So how it washes is really all I need to still see about. I'm excited I might be able to go back to cloth most night and just save a sposie for wash night.. (I have this thing about using cloth while diapers are washing)

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