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Re: Back at Work ans Stressed Out - Help!

There are times I have thrown meals in the crock pot at 7:30 and they are still in at 6 if we get home late. Depending on what it is, it should be ok. Chicken is a bit dried out unless you cook a whole one. Stew meat, roasts, etc work great the longer they are cooked. Noodles work best when added last. Fix it and forget it has a series of cook books that are great. This website is called a year of slow cooking that looked great. I have not tried anything yet. We are a family of 3 and when I cook it lasts several meal. Any basic crock pot with a low setting should work for long hours. I actually have 3 crock pots depending on the meal I am cooking or how many I am serving depends on which one I use.

Flylady is great and helps keep you focused. They have reminders in the cozi calendar as well. I love the cozi calendar because it helps my husband know what is going on, and the grocery list is always up to date. My husband does a lot of the yard work, but he also cleans doggy's stuff outside and bunny litter pans. He also does a lot of the daily feeding of the animals. I keep up with my son but I only have one, and laundry and cooking. We both try to keep up with the dusting and vacuuming but we are always behind on that. Good luck getting things done. Don't beat yourself up if not everything is done. I am a perfectionist and it really comes back to bite me later.
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