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Re: Look what I woke up to at 5:30 a.m.!!!!

My kids have started dabbling in the idea of getting into food before we wake up. I *always* hear them when they wake up b/c they have to open their bedroom doors, and they are SO LOUD. Plus, my kids just don't have the "sneaky" in 'em yet.

I hear them wake up and I listen and I can tell what they are doing. This morning, my 5.5 yr old got up, dressed herself, went potty, and then fed the cat and dog.

Other mornings, I can hear them trying to get on the counters. Then we usually intervene before they get real far, and they get into trouble. There are certain snacks they can reach in the fridge that they can have pretty much any time of day IF THEY ASK FIRST (string cheese, fruit, etc). But we are pretty strict with the asking rule here. So far it has worked for us. But I am sure that won't last forever.

I'm so sorry mama. Is this the first time she's done something like this?
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