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Re: Chicken Moma chat thread. Share, Q&A, all things chicken! <3 October <3

Lol. The chickens have always been a dream for me, never the right time though. It's finally possible and we love them. They do eat and poo an awfull lot, haha! Jk. I think Ray is afraid of likeing them more because they may end up dinner. I'm kinda the processor in the family. Tomboy all the way. If I didn't have a bf to take me hunting, I just took myself. The down fall is I'm the one who ends up cleaning everything. ;/ Oh well. I don't mind it. I actually enjoy it. May sound odd unless you are either the same way or hunt/fish. Ray was brought up commercial fishing, not really much experience processing other animals or raiseing them. I don't mind a bit doing that part. Because of my disabilities, he has to do the har work now. We actually do everything as a team. Like cleaning the roos: he manages the wood stove and carried the huge pot out to me at the correct temp, then right back again. He even had to help me catch the largest roo, he got tore up. I just couldn't catch dagnab Booboo chicken. he was surely a tough dude! Took up 10 mins to catch, and that was in the run enclosed!

I'm seriously wondering about the water. We have to be SUPER carefull about outside lines. I don't know how badly the fawset at the back may freeze. I sure don't wanna food with pails from the house. I will be sure to drain the hose, but that hookup, no clue. We have only been in this house a yr and didn't use the hose last winter. What do you do about the water needed at the barn?
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