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Re: Lost toy at sitter's house, advice?

We lost 4 Thomas trains at my MIL house. We looked for 3 days straight before we left to fly home, and could not find them. She doesn't have a crazy house or other toys, and no other kids were over during our stay. She found them a YEAR later when she was pulling out tablecloths to find the special Thanksgiving one. One of the boys had wrapped up his trains and put them to bed, in a drawer full of tablecloths! He had never done that before, so I didn't think it was a possibility.
Trains are especially easy to lose and hard to find. I deconstructed my mom's living room to locate a train that had rolled under a couch and then under a shelf. If I hadn't seen it go under I would never have found it!
I know how expensive it is to lose Thomas trains, but it's not the providers fault and she could have been systematically looking for it without giving you updates. I wouldn't be giving daily "updates" about a lost toy until a least a week of looking for it went by, unless of course you stressed how much of a lovey it was to the child, and called looking for updates, begging to know if you needed to buy the toy so your kid could sleep at night.
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