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I also don't do much winterizing, I've read the same thing about the heat light and also that chickens put out enough. Anyway my girls did well last year.

We butchered three roosters a few weeks ago, at their prime. They didn't have much meat and it was tough. Makes u wonder what they do to the ones that end up in the grocery store?

Attachment 121198

So there's my new gardening shed/coop. Ill take more pics then of the inside. It's divided in there, also it's not quite finished, I have to paint the door, fix the top and put the windows in.

Attachment 121199

Here are some of the girls and of course sparky our buff brahma roo who doesn't crow?!?!?

We do wood chips and straw, w/o any odor issues. I def don't clean it twice a day either. I did send the hubs that waterer link!

But now my girls aren't laying in there boxes, I can't even find any eggs!! What the heck!! Just moved them last w/e I did have a few eggs since then so I don't know what's going on. Ill have to make sure they're not hiding them, that does happen sometimes!

Oh btw I'm Chloe, we leave in north eastern pa, we've had our oldest girls almost two years now. And a total of 18 all together, our others are from this march and the summer. Our barred rocks from march are just starting to lay.
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