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Re: Chicken Moma chat thread. Share, Q&A, all things chicken! <3 October <3

DH ends up doing most of the processing for us right now, as he worked a chicken farm when he was younger. He is just more efficient. I had zero experience. I don't mind it, I just am very slow.... And I am thrilled we have the chickens, but everyone teases us because they were his thing when we moved out to the farm. And now, they are all my babies.

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I'm seriously wondering about the water. We have to be SUPER carefull about outside lines. I don't know how badly the fawset at the back may freeze. I sure don't wanna food with pails from the house. I will be sure to drain the hose, but that hookup, no clue. We have only been in this house a yr and didn't use the hose last winter. What do you do about the water needed at the barn?
We trek it down. We have a big trough at the barn for rainwater, and if it is not a crazy cold winter, we chop the top of it with an ax and use that water. Otherwise, I fill at the house and bring it to the barn. When FIL ran the farm, he kept horses in the barn and he used the water to the barn all winter long. Well, the first winter we were here, one of the lines burst from freezing, so we shut it down in the late fall now. I suppose if we had more livestock down there, other than chickens, we might figure out a solution.
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