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Originally Posted by Msheidiann View Post
Yikes! What happens if she does not sign? We sort of went through this with our little guy. But we are adopting from the county. little man would have become a ward of the court (foster child) but they found her, and she signed the morning of the court hearing, so that didn't happen. So parental rights of the father are terminated now? That's good! It takes forever in California. :/
At six months we (not sure if it's actually my husband and I or our agency) will have to petition the court to terminate her rights based on abandonment. However, I've heard that then you can finalize the adoption right at that time instead of waiting six more months from when she signs. So, say she signs next week. Then we have to wait six more months which would be until baby is nine months old before setting a court date to finalize.
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