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Re: Big Mamas October Support Thread

Can I join you ladies?

Your name Melissa (Mel)
Starting Weight 191
Current Weight 188
Short-Term Goal (ie. "X" by valentines/March) 25 lbs by Christmas
Long-Term Goal 131, healthy weight
Weight Lost to Date 3 lbs
Weight Loss Plan Taking metformin for Insulin resistance, and going to start the Insulin resistance diet after I finish reading the book. I also intend to get back to my 100oz of water daily
Going to go back to Couch 2 5k after I am on this dose of Met for a week, and then adding 30 day shred the following week.
After a bumpy road of infertility, 6 years of procedures,CLAIRE IS 2!!!!!!! missing our angel(9/5/12)
BF for 18 months, BLW, AP,don't believe in any schedule and became a slave to my baby who is attached to my boob and am tickled pink to be that way. Yes, I shower daily!

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