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Re: SAHParent/Homemaker weekly chat thread 10/1-10/6

Originally Posted by keysersoze View Post
so sorry for your loss.

our house is also somber, as we found out over the weekend that our most recent round of ivf didn't work, and that insurance won't cover another round, so we're trying to plan out the $$$ aspect for one final round, since we absolutely cannot conceive without it (and we would totally have as many kids as nature intended if we could conceive naturally). and then, we had to spend a good chunk of the weekend with my brother and his wife who is due in 3 weeks, which is really hard right now. we found out they were expecting (a surprise to them, I think) during our first round of ivf, and here we are months and months later without a pregnancy, and only one shot left (cause we can't afford more than one round).

I have some serious fall cleaning to do this week, as my sister and her soon-to-be fiance are coming to visit this weekend, so I need to get the house ready. plus, our holiday of Sukkot started today, and I still have to get our sukkah finished, the budget isn't done for October, and we are behind where I was hoping we would be with homeschooling, so I need to readjust the plans. all in all, I feel behind the 8 ball and pretty grumpy about it.
I'm sorry.

Originally Posted by Hungry Caterpillar View Post
As for my SAH life... I need to purge and organize. Kylee, tell me how fast you can get your house back together and you will motivate me! I need motivation. I need to get rid of these tiny clothes, they are depressing.
I'm probably going to be the saddest source of motivation you've ever come across. I actually started the overhaul because I ordered DH and the minions new wardrobes last week and there's no way they're going to fit in the closets in their current state.

Originally Posted by Geckmumto3 View Post
My DH is hosting a poker night here this weekend, which I think I mentioned before. Well, last night, he mentioned that he wants to play out in our sunroom, which is like a finished year-round porch at the back of our house. Makes sense because it is away from sleeping kids, etc.... The trouble is that is is cobwebby and needs to be cleaned. Plus,the bunny cage, hamster and random toys are out there.... Sigh. How clean does a room NEED to be for men to play poker in, really?? DH will help, but has a busy week, so I want to peg away at it. The bonus is, then it will be ready to turn into a playroom area for the winter after poker night.
Throw a couple of jack o' lanterns in there and call the cobwebs Halloween ambiance.

I woke up 5:00 this morning with a splitting headache and a naked toddler vomiting on my head. Fabulous!! Someone want to remind again me why I had kids? Seems that the vomiting was a fluke, as aforementioned toddler gives all indications of being hale and hearty now. Guess I'll be doing some laundry today.
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