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Re: Chicken Moma chat thread. Share, Q&A, all things chicken! <3 October <3

Holy heck this thread is hot this morning! To answer some questions, Fodie we have been working with the Roo and he does not attack me or dh.. he doesn't BLATANTLY attack the boys, he sides up to them slowly and raises his hackles and then chases them. To which they kick at him and then he tries to flog. I would say it's 1/2 the boys being little brats to him and doing things intentionally to irritate him and 1/2 him being a butthead. So I'd feel completely irresponsible if I culled him based on that. he is a good protector and he's gentle with the girls. He saw three turkey vultures in the neighbor's pines this am and shooed all the girls under our patio set and stood guard.

Sarah I guess the beak trimming is the same? I didn't even think about it, maybe I should have. I just trimmed it the same way I would do my Cockatiel's years ago.

I guess my coop could be described as barn-style. It's a stall with a wide door over most of the front. We did do the 2x4's on side so that they could warm their little feet and so far they really like that. While we do not see much snow we do get frost most every morning from Nov-Dec so the heat lamp is something I'm going to have to think hard about. I wasn't planning on using it all the time, just maybe if we were due for a really cold windy night or a snow.

Here's the coop, new boxes. That's Greta there, she's acting funny this am. This is the most interested she's been in the nest boxes so FX for a egg this am! The white stuff on the wall is Sevin I haven't brushed off btw.

See how the roosts run the entire length of the coop though? It's great, but that means everything under gets pooped on. So if I put straw under there wouldn't it get nasty and stinky in there fast? I generally rake out all the poo daily.

I'm having the same hesitant thoughts about power, our coop isn't far from the garage but that means I have to run a extension cord out the garage window. I hope when we move we can do a permanent set up with power. I'd like to have somewhere to brood chicks outside too.

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