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Re: *Autumn gardening chat * Oct-Nov 2012

Oh my gosh, jackpot for sure!! i'd get some of both, composted to throw on the beds right now and fresh to dump in your working compost pile. SO jealous! LUCKY! My chickens are poopin' maniacs but they can't work up the sheer volume of manure a cow can! Yes, absolutely this would be a boon for your garden.. get as much as they'll give you and pile it on! Have you watched the back to eden film? You would probably find it really interesting, you can google it, they have a website and all. That's what I'm trying next spring. Speaking of which...

Here's BTE garden plot #1, upper garden. I realize you can't see much of anything due to all the BROWN LOL but it's a big 6-8" deep plot of leaves, pine needles, paper, chicken poop and compost. Exciting, I know. Well I'm excited anyway. The mesh and grates are to keep the girls from scratching it all over the place before it beds down a bit.

My german lunchbox tomatoes, what's left. Love these!

Bidwell casaba finally ripe! It was good too!
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