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Re: SAHParent/Homemaker weekly chat thread 10/1-10/6

Mostly productive day today! Got most of our class work done, the rest we'll finish this evening. I got a ridiculous amount of laundry put away, a goodwill bag started and tons of things added to a box to be give to my neice. Added tons to the FSOT on here, added tons to the online fb yard sale page. Sold some items, whoo hoo!

Still would like to;
add to the goodwill bag
have to clean my moms this afternoon
clean up the school room a bit
put away laundry thats currently washing
take pics of more items to list for sale
drop off a bag at goodwill
maybe bring a box of clothes to a friend

For relaxing today I'd like to get a letter written to a friend and send her the gift I made her daughter forever ago

This week I want to majorly declutter my house. We have friends coming for a week and this place is cluttered as it is, I need to clear out a bit
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