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Re: Big Mamas October Support Thread

I'm joining - again I have gained/lost 25lbs more times than i care to admit..... so i need to put this "on paper" to keep that 25off and lose the other 40!! So here's me:

Your name - Maggie
Starting Weight - 232
Current Weight - 199
Short-Term Goal - in the 180's by my sisters wedding in 5ish weeks.
Long-Term Goal - 158lbs however long i takes
Weight Lost to Date - In the last month i lost 23lbs, honestly - i have bounced between 195-215lb for 2 years now. It's a terrible yo yo - so i am on the low end of that ATM and intend to keep it that way. From my heaviest point ever though i am 33lbs down.
Weight Loss Plan - MFP tracking and exercise.

So there's me - and now can i ask a question of you ladies? I am really really struggling mentally with how many calories to eat. MFP tells me to NEVER eat below 1200 or i will go in to starvation mode. I spent all summer eating 40/30/30 (eg in the zone) running my booty off and lost 4lbs. I ate more, i ate less, i did it the "healthy" way. And got nada. So i finally said screw it and literally ate next to nothing for the last month..... and guess what? I lost - a lot. It's not healthy, i know this. But it works and i guess i am confessing i would rather not eat and lose weight than eat healthy and lose nothing. I think my problem is partially that i don't consume a lot of calories to begin with..... a normal eating what i want day is roughly 1500 - 1600 calories, so its where MFP tells me i need to be to lose - which isn't going to work. So unless i am super restrictive in calories i feel like i am never going to lose it. And i know this is bad. Advice?
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