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Tide leaving suds?

Sorry for ANOTHER laundry question, but I am still such a newbie!

I recently switched to regular Tide (he powder) from Allen's. Now here is my problem: I am on my third rinse-only cycle (LG Front loader) and there are still some suds in the water! It's not a lot, but definitely noticeable.

I did a warm/cold rinse, no spin. Hot/cold wash with Tide powder just under line 1, and now warm/cold rinses, high spin. All of these are with the water plus option which puts in enough water to not quite cover the top of the load (10 dipes).

Is it normal to have a little bit of suds, or should I keep rinsing and use less detergent next time?

Thank you for your expertise! I am becoming a complete DS forum addict already
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