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Re: Help me fix my 2 yr w/ sleeping issues

Yeah, I think consistency is the most important. DD is on a mattress on the floor. (we moved her out of her crib at 16 months also, but needed the crib for DD2. We weren't ready for her to be off of the ground on a "real" bed. ) so she is free to get up and wander out We put a gate up so that she doesn't come out of her room in the middle of the night and fall down the stairs. But, she is still able to pull open her door and let us know if she needs us. I also read The Sleep Lady's Good Night, Sleep Tight book and that helped SO much! We were able to get her to put herself to sleep (without fighting and tears!) and she really does sleep so much better now. I was soo doubtful at first but it really did work for her. Just another idea
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