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Re: August 2011 - October chat

I think my eyes are going I read Amy was looking for a new career and then went into talking about her ergo---lol I gues I am tired!

Britt I hope rest comes your way.

Hallie--It is cold and rainy here too--I am thinking about some squash type--fallish soups. Gwynenth Paltrow has a cookbook out called my fathers daughter--and she has the most amazing soup recipes in it. I check it out of the library whenever I am in the mood.

I am actually liking the cold weather. It feels good to not sweat the moment I walk outside.

Dh went away this past weekend and it was me and the 3 monsters--I mean kiddos. They were good I just had a migraine. Blu had his first soccer game and he had a blast. Peyton watched the whole game and cheered, and Tanner ran around--he likes to run forward and then backwards. Everyone kept coming up to me saying how good Blu is and that they know Dh and I were college basketball players but Blu is really good at soccer. Dh and I laugh bc people are already ready to label Blu as a soccer player and talk about soccer as a future and I just think--Some perspective people he is 5!!!

We teach our kiddos sports but that is bc we are able to--if we could we would teach them to play piano--we could care less if they decide to play sports or not--just live a healthy lifestyle. My dream is for them to actually play in a rock band--Blu would be the drummer and Tanner the lead singer--lol! OK I am just crazy talking now.
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