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Trend Lab cloth diapers

So getting tired of mail ordering diapers, and Cotton Babies is expensive, and a 40 minute trip, one way.

A locally owned business (consignment store) has started selling new Trend Lab Cloth Diapers. It would be nice to support a local business, especially this one, as the lady is extremely generous with her unsold, in giving stuff away to local foster parents, etc. I bought several with the liners; as the mamas seems to really like AI2's. The problem that I have been having is that sometimes will get a mama who will use Sunbaby's as AI2's, which means there is microfiber right up next to the baby's skin, even when I explain why not to. When I have fleece liners, I do give those. I think they like not having to stuff pockets, and they will frequently just change the insert not the whole diaper if it is just a little wet.

I liked these, because the insert was topped with fleece. Has anyone tried them, and know how they work? The threads from over a year ago where critical because I guess at the time they were not topped with fleece, and there was the same concern I have with Sunbaby's used as AI2's. As this is no longer a problem, does anyone know how they actually WORK? The instructions said multiple preps, which sounds odd for microfiber. Is the one insert enough? It looks thicker than a regular insert, but not as thick as two. When you try to fit two, it is super bulky. Also, although it is a one size, no good information on the actual practical weight range.

Anyone actually use this diaper? I'd appreciate information. I am not interested in drama with the manufacturer, only function, I can't afford to be offended.

The inserts looks like they could be used as newborn almost fitteds with a cover, which would be cool, cause I don't yet have an economic newborn solution. But the way the are contoured (and have leg elastic) looks like a cover would hold them in place well, kind of like to try that, too.
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