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Re: Placenta encapsulation: what did you feel like?

Originally Posted by Mara'sMommy View Post
i didnt know if i should post this here, or pregnancy, or......??? Sorry!

Anyway, I have recently started to get into the "business" of placenta encapsulation. I was working for an established company, but decided to venture off into my own business with a few friends. Everyone who I talk to who has gotten their placenta encapsulated has only positive things to ay about it. Boosts their energy, milk flowing, feels great emotionally etc etc etc.

Well I am 5 days postpartum and on day 2 I started my capsules that my friend did for me. She did the raw method, so no herbs added. I took 2 that morning and 2 that afternoon. I was supposed to take 2 that night, but forgot. that day i started feeling crappy in the evening. I was overly tired, achey and emotionally I was a mess. The next morning i slept until 11. I took two more that morning and was literally on the verge of tears all day. Then my toddler was just so whiny and cranky at one point I literally broke down in tears thinking what the heck am I going to do with these kids, and what the he** was I thinking having them so close together. I was freaking out, feeling so depressed and physically tired and weak. I thought it might be the placenta pills, so I stopped taking them and by the next morning I felt fine again. No depression, weepiness, aches or pains. Nothing.

Has this happened to anyone else?!?!?!? How can I promote this as my business when I had such an adverse reaction?!???
I have been an encapsulator for 3 years now. I don't tell my clients how many capsules to take. I tell them to start with 1 and see how they feel after that, and then increase/decrease as they need it (no more than 9 a day though). I also don't tell them that they won't get PPD/baby blues, etc because they can still get it, it is suppose to help lessen the symptoms not prevent them. I've had a few clients with history of depression and still had PPD but to a lesser extent then previous births without encapsulation.

If you're wanting to get into the business I would suggest shadowing another encapsulator who has been doing it for awhile, as well as doing a lot more reading. You shouldn't use herbs unless told to by the client as all herbs can effect people differently and that changes the potency of the placenta itself (and can effect people negativly). Even if you steam with herbs, I have not heard good things and many have ended the practice of adding herbs.

As for your experience, could have been a fluke or could be the pills. I would suggest only doing 1 with a big glass of water and on a full stomach and see how that effects you, and then I would increase by taking 1 3x a day and see what happens.
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