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Originally Posted by knibert
Wow, the switch turned for B.

I was like Fi and just kept extra clothes in the car for accidents. I always potty before leaving the house. The nice things about boys..we keep a pee pee container in the car for emergencies and to avoid public bathrooms when possible.

If she is not against them , you may just want to get something like the gerber trainers. They can hold a tiny bit...more than just plain undies. Z will still wear them, I just put them in the pile, he picks what he wants. He still has accidents if he is busy doing something. He changes himself if that happens. I constantly have to remind both boys to go potty ALL day. They are just too busy to care to go.
Mine too. But that's very typical for boys who don't care about being muddy and dirty. Girls are generally more ewww about it.
We are a Military family that lives without limits!
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