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Originally Posted by Anna0623
For dd we told dhs parents right after the sonogram I was close to 8 weeks, they where both very unhappy/ almost angry that I got pregnant while on bc. We told everyone else could not keep it to ourselves.
For ds told dh who had no idea right after the positive test. I shared with my mom/ and sister around 8 weeks, but we waited until 12 weeks to tell dhs parents. His father was happy but mil did not take it well ( thankfully she was not vocal about it this time just looked shocked then left the room). we were on Skype so not in person.
Next time around probably won't tell dh's family or anyone else until at least 16 weeks hoping i do not have to see any of them and can keep it quiet until after 20 weeks along. Everyone on here will probably know before anyone other than dh knows. We don't even plan on telling the kids, or they will tell the world until where ready to spread the news.
Oh yeah, the internet doesn't count. Diaper swappers and my babywearing group on Facebook know! Lol
I hate that they can't be excited and celebrate a new life with you! part of me says just don't tell them and when they notice a belly/baby just brush it off as no big deal. Haha
My mom yelled at me and made me cry when I told her I was pregnant with my baby. She literally said "how could you do this to me?!" Like the whole reason we got pregnant was to spite her. Lol
This time around, the baby wasn't planned, but nobody needs to know that, and I'm confident that everyone will be excited with us.
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