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Originally Posted by shortcake2386
sorry. dd is the same way(high palate, small jaw and low muscle tone though) she had a great latch but weak suck/no suction so she only got what leaked out and it took us 6 weeks to notice. i stopped BFing her and fed her bottles bc in addition to not gaining weight she wasnt meeting milestones. she's almost back on track now but since the seizures 6 weeks ago she wont even latch on i still try but she wont have anything to do with it. she doesnt latch or suck on the bottle either, just gnaws kind of. we are looking into craniosacral therapy at the chiro and have OT/ST coming this week but i have no clue if she physically CANT suck or just DOESNT. and no one can tell me. i also pump every 2-2.5 hours day and night its exhausting
<3. As much as pumping sucks, I'm glad to know I have a pumping buddy
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