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Re: Twin Reality Check

Originally Posted by meesh38 View Post
Its very, very difficult to be infertile and have to make decisions such as how many embryos to transfer. I see posts like this from women pregnant with twins warning others not to transfer more than one, yet obviously they didn't heed their own advice. I also find it hard to believe that you didn't know the risks of a twin pregnancy while you transferred two embies.I'm sorry to be harsh, but I get tired of the whole "how dare you want a twin pregnancy (but its OK for me).
Read my post again. I never said I didn't know the risks of a twin pregnancy. I said I didn't know how likely it would be that I would carry twins since the RE told me we had a 10% chance. And I never said I wanted to carry twins.

And, I completely understand (though its not myself who's infertile) how difficult it is to decide how many to transfer. I'm carrying twins for another family. A family who has tried for seven years to have a baby. A family who started with 11 embryos and ended up with 5 after genetic testing. A family who really wants a healthy baby and hopefully are getting two. But, I can't guarentee that. I'm 1 week away from viability and will relax more, but every day I pray I can stay pregnant for them.

I'm not saying she shouldn't transfer two. I'm saying she should do her research (which it sounds like she has). Twin pregnancies can be amazing and perfect and better than some singleton pregnancies. But the reality is, a lot of twin pregnancies are not easy breezy and a walk in the park.
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