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Re: Foods on the no-no list during pregnancy.

Originally Posted by leyash View Post
i didn't even think it was the amount that was a big deal. i thought it was the RAW that was a big deal, because it can carry diseases (with the sandwich meat and hot dogs).

I hate a hot dog the other night... ergh, lol. I heated it up in the microwave until it almost exploded, though... lol.
That's correct.

That said, I didn't follow the guidelines. I ate rare steak, over easy eggs, and sushi all the time.

I don't remember where it was, but some country recently advised pregnant women to avoid all raw veggies as well (in response to the spinach/ecoli thing). I think the guidelines have gone WAY TO FAR. They assume pregnant women aren't capable of any kind of risk assessment... so they make black and white rules that cater to the lowest common denominator/worst case scenario. Drives me bonkers. But, I guess the guidelines can't exactly say that fresh fish you caught this morning is okay raw, but sushi from the Quik-E Mart isn't... apparently that's too confusing.

Sorry for the rant. This is one of my pet peeves. All this was just to say, eat what you like how you like. Stick to whole foods as often as possible. Don't get drunk/do drugs/play with mercury thermometers and you'll probably be just fine.
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