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Re: Need ideas for a "spooky" real food

I have a haggis in my freezer. You want it? Lol I'm not afraid of eating it. I'm afraid of cooking it wrong. It traveled all the way from Scotland and I don't want to mess it up because I doubt I'll ever get the chance to actually go to Scotland.

The only other ideas I have are sour dough breadstick "fingers" with a blood (tomato) dipping sauce. Virgin bloody Mary's. Grassfed beef tongue? I love it but not many people know how delicious it is... With some tortillas and salsa... Maybe a squeeze of lime. Bean dip piped into a bowl with some Halloween store plastic flies on top so it looks like poop? Pumpkin bisque kinda looks like the color of newbie diapers. Lol um. Yeah. That's all I've got. I'll come back if I think of more, but I'm totally gonna watch this cos I need ideas for the kids!
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