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3 under 3 and this mama is going insane

In major need of encouragement here! I'M EXHAUSTED. I'm about to cry.

Everyone always wonders how I do it. Got my masters degree with twin toddlers and pregnant belly and worked part time from home too. Now, have a 3 month old who is not difficult... it is the Twin 2 year olds who are DRIVING ME CRAZY.

i try to be patient and nice but I'm sick of cleaning after them. They are always making some type of mess. Yesterday they took out all of my and hubbys clothes out of hangers. Today they poured alk my spices on the floor. Another day they rubbed poop all over the carpet and walls. Dragged all their toys in the living room. Rubbed soap all over themselves. Unrolled all toilet papers. Etc etc etc. Seriosly, all i do is try to keep my house clean.

If they are not causing trouble, they whine whine whine... hold on to my legs and follow me everywhere.

I just want to be left alone.

Hubby understands but he is tired too. He gets mentally tired at work then comes home to me tired and cranky and crazy kids. He is short and when he yells at kids and keeps putting them on time out, it makes me mad. So i try not to leave them with him.

Every minute i find, i work. Part-time, but i can't even get to 20 hours. Infant wakes up every 3 hours at night. So not much sleep at night.

How do you handle it? I take the twins to daycare twice a week, 4 hours each day. And i care for infant and work during that time.

I literally have no me time ever... even when I'm in the bathroom. I just want to give up and not do the dishes or laundry or picking up but the next day i have twice as much to do and that overwhelms me even more.

Thanks for listening.
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