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Re: 3 under 3 and this mama is going insane

Oh mama! I am about to have 3 under 2 as well. I also work, I teach 16 units at night at our local University after the girls are asleep. I know it can be HARD. So far just being pregnant with the twins is driving me crazy. To keep sane I have my mom or our nanny come watch the girls ever so often. I have "me" time once a month to get my hair done and I have someone come deep clean my kitchen and bathrooms twice a month. In all I spend about $300 a month on the nanny and housekeeper costs. It is totally worth it.

Life is hard on a day to day basis with twins, I totally know what you mean about them following you around and not giving you time to yourself. Do they nap? I force my girls to nap in the middle of the day for about an hour to 90 min. That gives me some quiet down time in the middle of the day.

Bottom line is you NEED to take care of yourself. Find something that calms you down and make time to do it. Keep us all posted and take care!
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