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Re: Big Mamas October Support Thread

Originally Posted by Mags462 View Post
I'm joining - again

So there's me - and now can i ask a question of you ladies? I am really really struggling mentally with how many calories to eat. MFP tells me to NEVER eat below 1200 or i will go in to starvation mode. I spent all summer eating 40/30/30 (eg in the zone) running my booty off and lost 4lbs. I ate more, i ate less, i did it the "healthy" way. And got nada. So i finally said screw it and literally ate next to nothing for the last month..... and guess what? I lost - a lot. It's not healthy, i know this. But it works and i guess i am confessing i would rather not eat and lose weight than eat healthy and lose nothing. I think my problem is partially that i don't consume a lot of calories to begin with..... a normal eating what i want day is roughly 1500 - 1600 calories, so its where MFP tells me i need to be to lose - which isn't going to work. So unless i am super restrictive in calories i feel like i am never going to lose it. And i know this is bad. Advice?
First and foremost, Welcome back. It's hard to yoyo. It messes with the emotions.

Second, DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF. Losing weight is emotional, hard work. Are you sure there are no factors health wise limiting your progress? What does your work out schedule look like? What is your carb/protein/fat ratio currently at? What have you tried in terms of food elimination?

I cannot ever in good faith tell someone it's ok to eat that little. I honestly believe our bodies are designed to WORK hard and we need to fuel it clean! It's been a long journey for me to realize this - but I tell you, it's liberating knowing what to do now.
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