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I'm going to try again. I went way over budget last month thanks to a consignment sale and buying the last of what we need for the new baby.

Our month technically does not start until the 10th, which is payday, but because I'm so over budget for September I REALLY need to not spend anything, so I will count those days. If I do, I'll have to pull it from savings and replace it from our budgeted amounts come the 10th. Not something I want to do. I'm going to add the first nine days of November because this months budget needs to cover that. I also may come back and adjust our amounts for this month once I actually sit down and figure everything out, as with our pumpkin patch trip (35 minutes one way) and trick or treating on the island I grew up on (extra gas AND $30ish for the ferry ride), we'll have more gas expenses.

Week 1
1 $29 for wiper blades (sent DH to the store for WIC, he came home "I hope you don't mind, I bought the wiper blades because the window was dirty"... Yes, we NEEDED new wiper blades, but I was going to wait until the 10th. Keeping my fingers crossed our rent takes a couple days to clear so my child support will get to checking before everything hits, which will empty the line of credit we are trying to pay down. )
2 $0
3 $0
4 $0
5 $15 (Ice cream and the produce that went over our WIC check)
6 $$40 (pumpkin patch trip) $91 (yard sale, clothes for kids/to sell)
7 $194 (Monthly Costco trip) $66 gas

Week 2
8 $37 (Halloween costume for DD1)
9 $0
10 $85 (Groceries at WinCo, now done with grocery shopping for the month other than ice cream for cravings and a bit of produce each week) $3 (for a drink... )
11 $31 (consignment sale with friend, four PJs for DD3, Keens for next year for DD1, unneeded but adorable costume for DD2, baby shoes for cousin)
12 $22 (hardware store, needed to put up a closet rod) $21 (Fred Meyer, ice cream and kielbasa, been waiting for a sale) $45 (FSOT, found small pockets for new baby)
13 $10 (DH got the wrong closet rod, didn't realize it until after packaging was gone ) $20 (finally found a daybed for playroom-needed for napping kids when baby comes)
14 $6 (Walmart, needed more kids hangers, kids constantly break them) $15 (Costco, ran out of coffee)

Week 3
15 $0
16 $13 (dollar tree, stupid preschool teacher demanded we bring in supplies for two parties, I'm so annoyed. Also bought the kids new trick or treat buckets, we only had one survive of the three from last year, and DD3 will need one, too) $10 (QFC had pineapple for $1 each, couldn't resist!)

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6 (wow that sucks...)

$397/$500 Groceries/Household
$66/$300 Gas
$29/$50 Car repairs
$167/$100 Kids needs
$93/$100 Fun
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