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Re: Peanut allergy from just being breathed on in young infant - what am I in for???

Originally Posted by mom1mg View Post
Ok so here is our update --
The allergist freaked that we weren't going to be going in until Nov and got us in on Thursday. The receptionist warned me that they likely won't test DD since she is just barely 5 months but they will "teach me what to do". So I am thinking we are getting a script for pens. My insurance will cover an unlimited number per year, 4 at a time, free. So if I am right about getting the script I will get 4 on Thurs. We are semi rural - it is faster for me to drive DD myself to the hospital OR at least to the freeway then it is for me to wait for medical attention to get to me. This winter it took 30 minutes for them to arrive - then another 30 minutes to get my MIL who was having trouble breathing to hospital. Another time it took TWO HOURS for them to arrive for DS - so we cancelled and drove him ourselves after waiting. There is a volunteer fire hall in town but I don't know if they carry an allergy kit - I will call tomorrow. One thing that I never though of when we decided to buy a farm ... I used to live 6 minutes from a hospital.
Free EpiPens are awesome!! I've not had to use mine yet, but I pay $75ish every time they expire. It's one thing that I hope never becomes worth their money. The Dr said my next reaction could very well be fatal, my allergy is honey bee stings and even just wasp send me to the ER. I hate being scared to take my boys to the park alone or even out in our own yard during the Summer. I hope your DD out grows it! My nephew has fought an allergy all his life and the pedi thought it was dairy and wouldn't send him to a specialist, so his mom took him anyway and found out it is PORK, not dairy! He's doing really good now that they found that out!
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