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Re: To have another or not.....advice please

i sympathize with a lot of what you're going through. i have type 1 (juvenille) diabetes and also had a very difficult pregnancy - although nowhere near as tough as yours sounds! - i had to go to the drs. office a minimum of 2X a week, often 3 or 4X, for the last several months for tests, was constantly told my baby might be stillborn, and ended up having labor induced at 37 weeks at dr's insistence because of high blood pressure - resulting in 43 hours of labor and 5 hours of pushing ending in an emergency C-section.

i feel like a know a lot more now, and would also like to try to have another "better" birthing experience.

also, would love for my son to have a sibling.

however, as you said exactly, i am torn between wanting him to have a sibling and wanting all my love to go to him. i have no idea how i could possibly love any other human being, even another baby, as much as i love him. also, even though we do fine, own a house, have no credit card debt, own our cars outright, etc, we're not wealthy by any means and it's always hard to think about how we could afford another...just trying to be responsible!!!

basically, i have no answer for you. i totally sympathize though. i have no idea how to figure out the answer, it seems impossible.
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