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Originally Posted by myblessedbaby

Good point! I am happy to have made it to my second pregnancy after loss thread. Two weeks at a time, I can do this

Congrats for getting to that point. I'm looking forward to the time that I'll start feeling tickles. Seems like eons away!

Good to hear you are feeling hopeful. Take it one day at a time until that u/s appointment. Mine is two days later. Hope we both come away with good news!

Hope your u/s goes well tomorrow. You are waiting to see if it is twins right? Sorry you're feeling so icky.

for getting to hear the heartbeat.

AFM: I'm doing good. I've been exhausted, taking a nap every afternoon while DD naps and DS watches TV I noticed I do have a bit of a bump, (if I pull my fat up to see what my belly would look like if I was thin) I can feel my hard uterus when touching the "bump." Only I know the bump is there. Guess, I don't have to worry about the problem of showing too soon, as I never lost the baby belly after DD was born

What's your EDD?
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