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Originally Posted by chickapin
I just was going to ask the same thing! I used F&G Tide to line 1 as I heard so many people do, and I had suds left after 2 extra rinses (3 total). This was with an XL load. I guess I'll cut back on the amount of Tide for a bit and see if they're still getting clean.
I could never ever get Tide f&g to rinse clear, no matter how many rinses, and even when I cut down to only 2 tblsp. I'm using original Tide (ultra) powder and it rinses waaaay better.

I would definitely rinse until clear because that will lead to detergent buildup, which leads to rashes and/or ammonia. I just got through going through this I've heard of people putting vinegar in the rinse to help, but I've never tried it. Try using a little less detergent or switching to something else.
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