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DS2, now 3w, is going to have to start the long process of being diagnosed with, and hopefully find reason for, seizures. DS1 has them as well (very unique in appearance and DS2's are the same, so I know it's not just febrile seizures), but we could never find a definite cause. I dread reliving this journey. I hate everything DS2 will have to go through.

I'm also being a sad sack because they have different fathers, and I'm convinced it must be my genes. I feel like I broke my kids. And hate the idea I caused this for them. I know that's stupid, but you know how mama guilt is :/

Anyway, any positivity coming our way would be wonderful. Long, hard road ahead for us all. Thanks ladies.

ETA: Add to that, that my mom got her biopsy results back this evening. Her cancer is back. This is all just... crappy.

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