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Re: Because this is a well visited forum, I need some help.

I would do two things --
Tomorrow call your regular Dr and ask them to provide you with a letter AND a contact number (pager) that you can take to the ER with you if this happens again.

ALSO - Call the hospitals patient safety line or complaints office or social workers office. All major hospitals should have one of the above. Just dial the main number and tell the switchboard operator you want to make a complaint about the care you recieved and they will direct you to the right department. You need to file a formal complaint about the treatment you recieved. I would go so far as to ask them to copy your complaint into your medical records for future reference.

THEN - I would probably ask your Dr to refer you to a pain clinic. Again most hospitals have one. I am not sure if they can treat acute illness but since this sounds like a chronic thing they may be able to help you out and would be far better to deal with them then whoever is on-call with the ER. IF that doesn't work I would ask your OB if from now on you can be treated in Labour and delivery instead and see the OB on-call instead of going to emerg. In general I've found the ER just doesn't know what to do with pregnant people.

Sorry you are going through this mama! If you have this Dr again you can always ask to see someone else. I would just explain to the nurse that you have a complaint in against this Dr and would prefer a different person to treat you. They "should" understand.

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