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Re: Because this is a well visited forum, I need some help.

Originally Posted by mom1mg View Post
THEN - I would probably ask your Dr to refer you to a pain clinic. Again most hospitals have one. I am not sure if they can treat acute illness but since this sounds like a chronic thing they may be able to help you out and would be far better to deal with them then whoever is on-call with the ER. IF that doesn't work I would ask your OB if from now on you can be treated in Labour and delivery instead and see the OB on-call instead of going to emerg. In general I've found the ER just doesn't know what to do with pregnant people.
One of the first people I started to contact when I started these attacks 6 weeks ago was a Pain Management clinic. After them giving me no answer, I finally did get to talk to someone and they said they would not see me while pregnant. I did not want to see them for narcotics. I wanted to see them for a note to the hospital to get treatment because of Dr. Y's treatment of me 4.5 weeks ago.

Ooooh I will ask my OB when I go in tomorrow about going to L&D. I never thought of that. I am not calling the office, I am going in.
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