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Re: 3 under 3 and this mama is going insane

((Big hugs)). I had 3 under 3 as well and u r still n adjustment phase. It is hard . My 3rd son was a sweet baby, but the 3-kid thing is a tough gig (4th adjustmemt was easier). A lot of days,, id think how nuts i was.

Simplify as much as possible. Triple a meal and have it every week for 3 weeks. Reconsider ur cleanliness (ie: get poop off walls, leave the toys). I used to clean my house every night when i had two kids. When i had 3, i really had to pick and choose my priorities. Dh liked no laundry on the couch, so i made that a priority and i liked a clean kitchen. So i had to overlook toystrewn floors, dust in corners, floors needing ,opped/vacuumed for my sanity and what time allowed. About every 2-3 weeks i would look around and think what happened... then i would dedicate 2 hours to getting it clean-clean. And then i would let it go again. Its a short season and u need to survive for a bit... sanity intact.
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