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Can I get some ideas of what to trim please?


currently struggling to pay our bills, things are getting behind, nothing left for anything. I am trying to shave some things from our budget to make it a bit easier but not sure what, would love some advice.

Our income is variable - dh is self employed but has a contract so 700 - 1000 a month is usually guaranteed, then usually about $200 a week extra so somewhere between 1500 - 1800 a month. I get 2000 a month so combined approx 3,500 - 3,800. per month

Usual expenses are

mortgage - 1300 per month
car ins - 75 per month
house ins - 65 per month
mobiles - 90 per month (dh and I)
landline - 38 per month approx (have to have for business calls)
repayments to mechanic - 100 per month (2,500 left to pay)
car rego's - 2 x cars - 133 per month
council rates - 250 per month
cable - 75 per month
water - 100 per month
Electricity - 400 per month
kindy and school fees - 68 per month

this includes no food, no petrol, no clothes, uniforms, gifts, etc etc and comes to around 2,700 - so that leaves $500 - $700 a month for all of that - we are a family of 10.

We were earning more but dh lost one contract.

We have no savings, no emergency fund (we did but we recently had to buy a new car), no choice it was no longer safe or repairable. Our superannuation has less than $3000 in it and we are in our 40's.

Good news - we have no credit card debt, no loans, no car loans, our only big debt is the house and it's worth more than what we owe.

What am I going to do Dh says he'll get another job but he may not and I dont want to wait til things are bad. What can I cut. We really need 2 cars as one is a 7 seater and even that doesn't hold our whole family, the other dh uses to get to and from his work.
Dh uses his mobile for work, mine I could cut easily but it's only a month into a new 2 yr plan

I would cut cable yesterday but dh wont hear of it, he doesn't have the money to go out so this is his only entertainment ( sport).

I'm using cloth, making things from scratch, making homemade cleaners etc but it's just not enough.

Add to this next month eldest dd is getting married and we have a heap of wedding expenses, outfits etc.

I just want to run away.
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