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Possible induction for high BP and really nervous, *UPDATE*

I don't want to be induced.

Yesterday at my OB appt at 38wks 1 day, my BP was up. It was 156/88. I have a history of pregnancy induced high BP, but I've never had to go through a "real" induction because of it. I have been on bedrest, even hospital bedrest for a week in my last pregnancy.

I don't know how dilated I am already, probably about 3, maybe 4. I am contracting, but not nearly as much as with the twins. If my BP isn't better or is higher on Thursday, they are going to want to induce me. I'm very nervous about that. REALLY nervous.

I was planning my first pain-med free labor with a doula. I don't respond well to the epi's, which is only one reason for the med free, but the biggest. I REALLY, REALLY do not want it to end in a c-sec. The OB says it's highly unlikely because this is my 6th baby, but still, I know it could. And of course, there is the issue of wanting baby to come on his own when he is ready.

Any insight? Specifically about what I could do to get my body ready or a medical reason to refuse or something I could do to lower it in just a couple days? Thanks!


I went to the OB this morning and had a great appt! Even though my BP was up last night, it was down this morning at my appt. It was 136/78. My OB wasn't concerned about last nights because today's was fine and I have no other symptoms of anything. So, no more talk of induction for now. Woo Hoo!!! Also though, I was surprised and frustrated to find out I'm still only 1cm dilated! I can hardly believe it with how many contractions I have and how strong they feel and my history of early dilation. It makes me even more thankful that I don't need to be induced at this point. Of course, I'm also a little discouraged because it feels better to start labor at 3 or 4 than at 1. I know it has nothing to do with when I will go into labor, but I'd rather be more dilated, KWIM. But the most important thing right now is NO INDUCTION!
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