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Re: Possible induction for high BP and really nervous

Sorry you're dealing with this, mama :-(

No advice on the BP issues, but I did want to share part of my last birth.

I went in to my midwives' office the morning DD was born - I wasn't labor, but she wasn't moving as much as normal. I was having some contractions though. They put me on monitors and though DD was showing "bad" patterns, she wasn't showing the "reassuring" ones either.

Anyhow, long story short, basically, they wanted to induce me (I was 40+1). I sort of flipped out :-) thinking things like you - "But, I'm having a natural birth! But, what if that leads to a section?" etc, etc.

So, seeing as it wasn't an emergency, the MW let me calm down and we talked it out. I agreed to let her check me for dilation - I was already 4+ cm. She then asked if she could strip my membranes, and I let her.

That was all it took. Within 20, the contractions I'd been having were noticeably stronger and becoming regular.

So it is possible they may be able to get your labor going by stripping your membranes or breaking your water - something less "intense" than pitocin.

And even if it does come to a pitocin induction, it will be okay, mama. I have a good friend who did a pit induction with no pain meds. You can ask them to up it slowly, a little bit at a time, and once labor kicks in, back it down and see if your body will continue on its own,

I know it's hard and it's scary, mama. Sending prayers and easy labor vibes your way :-)
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