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Re: When did you tell?

Originally Posted by mapleleaf88 View Post
Oh yeah, the internet doesn't count. Diaper swappers and my babywearing group on Facebook know! Lol
I hate that they can't be excited and celebrate a new life with you! part of me says just don't tell them and when they notice a belly/baby just brush it off as no big deal. Haha
My mom yelled at me and made me cry when I told her I was pregnant with my baby. She literally said "how could you do this to me?!" Like the whole reason we got pregnant was to spite her. Lol
This time around, the baby wasn't planned, but nobody needs to know that, and I'm confident that everyone will be excited with us.
I'm so sorry you have some one in your life like that. The ils where very upset when we told them over the phone they made dh feel terrible. We lived 45 minutes away and saw them once a week, so we knew we would not be able to hide my morning sickness from them. Both our lo's where conceived on bc, we planned for them but they were four years early. Where so happy with our lives and the joy those two crazy lo's brought into our lives. Luckily now we live in virginia and the ils still live in Florida they used to come to visit every major holiday and summer breaks, but since their aggressive 80lb dog is no longer welcomed at our home, they said they will no longer be visiting us, just dh's sister who lives 3 1/2 hours away. I will be able to keep my future pregnancy from the people who make me feel bad. I figured 20 weeks because then i would be showing and if my sil finds out she will be so happy she will tell the world, including her parents.
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