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Re: Farming/Homesteading October Chat Thread

Cloecat-your kitchen has me drooling! I missed why you were moving?

Mysweetseven- do you use the public school online? We do my fathers world, but have taken a break due to a very intense occupational therapy program Captain Obvious is about to undergo. They are casting his good arm so he will not be able to write and all that with it.
Sorry to hear about the deep freeze!

- Our laptop broke and so i am using this minature thing and it is horrible to type on. Excuse errors! When we got back from vacation, life got pretty intense and i didnt even go online for quite awhile. Now i am gearing the kids up for the childrens hospital stint so i guess it is not getting less hectic! Haha. Praying it will really benefit my oldest kiddo.
Dh is picking corn last and this week. The boys beg to go with him, but he doesnt feel its safe for them. And when he says that i defiitely take it seriously!
130+ Lambs went to auction last week. Nice to have those gone. The boys were prmised a payment from 1 of the lambs they bottlefed so they are figuring out what they will buy.
We bought another milk cow. A sweet jersey this time! She is due in a few days which is nice because our other jersey is starting to give less milk. The boys have started helping me make butter. Though cheese and the other dairy (buttermilks, ricottas, etc) i do on my own.
Meat chickens have another couple weeks to live. I will be so happy to be done with them. So smelly even though they are pasteured and ,moving the pen 2x a day is cutting into my sewing time!haha
Our half a hog shpuld be ready to pick up soon. This year i will be rendering the fat into lard instead of dh's mom. Any advice on that? That will take care of our meats until we are ready to butcher a cow in early febuary.
Its beautiful outside here with all the colors. We have been apple picking so many times partly because we love apples and to can it all and partly because it is just a great way to spend the day. Ive canned 3 bushels of apples and we are gping again to pick more on friday. Just planning on apple butter for this round. Then canning will be done for the year. Hooray! Haha. That will be a good feeling.
Baby girl is fussing so i better get. She has a fever and so we had to reschedule our pumpkin patch trop. They boys are restless...
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