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Originally Posted by BottomOfMyHearts

I lol'd.

At first I thought this was a serious thread. There are times when I ask myself, "What did I get myself into?"

Right now I just sleep with my youngest. DH is in the guest room and DD1 is in her own room. DH is getting a bit... uhm... resentful? Maybe not that strongly about it, but has hinted that he would like me to train DD2 to sleep in her own space so DH and I can go back to our normal routine.

The only issue is that DD2 has been and is a very high needs/clingy baby. When the sun goes down, she's even MORE so.

So...not sure what to do about that.
I would start to transition her especially if DH is getting resentful.
We do not cosleep (we do one early morning feeding in our bed though)
Dd is 3 months and has slept in her crib 8-12 hrs per night since 7 weeks.
Not Because I don't want to cosleep just that DH and I are very hard sleepers so we worry about rolling over her.

I do always wonder though how when and where do cosleeping parents dtd? Lol
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