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Re: Big Mamas October Support Thread

Originally Posted by Macyllehub View Post
Second, DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF. Losing weight is emotional, hard work. Are you sure there are no factors health wise limiting your progress? What does your work out schedule look like? What is your carb/protein/fat ratio currently at? What have you tried in terms of food elimination?
Hi Macy! No known health issues - unless you count a baking addiction a health issue But hey at least now i bake and give it to the neighbors instead of eating it!

My workout schedule is run 3times per week, workout video (normally an interval type training) roughly 3 days per week. The running is always, the video i might miss a day. I always take Sundays off for religious reasons. My carb/fat/protein ratio is 40% carb, 30% protein, 30% fat.... so roughly 120g carbs max (assuming i eat 1200 calories)..... I have tried just about everything, and i mean that seriously. I started gun-ho in April..... ate 1600calroies per day b/c MFP told me to. Lost nada. After 3 weeks, i decided maybe i needed more protein and less carbs, so i ate lean proteins until i thought i would hurl I think i lost 2lbs in 3 weeks. Again, not OK considering my weight - i shouldnt be hitting a plateau b/f i even lose any. So i said screw it after running my 5K Sept 1. I literally quit exercising and ate roughly 500 calories per day..... and i lost 23lbs Obvisouly that gets old - so last friday i went back to eating what MFP tells me (1200 calories now that i have messed with it) and exercising again (eg the healthy way) and i have gained 5lbs

*sigh* As i said i think my problem is that my baseline eating (eg filling myself full) is only like 1600 calories. So i need to eat less than that in order to lose - not start eating that per MFP .... its what i already eat on a "normal" day. And i also think i have been roughly 200lbs for 2years now and my body is like "um yeah - this is your weight forever" so it just springs back to it..... UGH!!!!!

And hi to everyone else..... If anyone is on MFP and wants a buddy my SN is maggiemomof3
Officially in "mourning".... and
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