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Re: Lost toy at sitter's house, advice?

Originally Posted by Geckmumto3

Can I ask who you would be mad at?


I would be mad in general but also upset with the sitter. Mainly because if she was watching my one child I would suspect she would be playing with him and keeping an eye on him the whole time. There should be by room for "lost toys". This would make me think she wasn't doing a great job watching him. I would also be upset with her not getting back to me. It's not "just a train" as someone else said. It's that child's train which they have make a "bond" with. Children favor certain toys and the sitter should keep looking or AT LEAST reply saying she hasn't found it or offer to buy a new one. I would never let her but a nice sitter would offer. I guess that's just me... I would be overall really distort with the whole situation.
Did the OP say he was even the only kid there? There were AT LEAST the providers kids there from my understanding and possibly more kids. It wasnt just him. Even if it was, it is just ridiculous to say that a sitter should have her eye on him at ALL times. I am assuming if you have this expectation of your sitter, that you are always watching your own children at all times.....nothing ever gets lost, nothing bad ever happens, you never make any mistakes.....goodness, your expectations are so high that who can live up to that? My own kids lose things all the time, get little bumps and bruises, get into mischief....I guess that makes me a bad mom and a bad sitter since the same things occasionally happen with my daycare kids. Also, the provider DID get back to the OP just not as fast as the OP wanted. She DID help look for it...what else is she supposed to do? Sending hourly messages and detail each place she looked? This woman watches who knows how many kids. Maybe she has a huge number of daycare kids during the week. Again, it is unreal expectation to expect her to replace EVERY lost item for every child in her care. Where is the parents responsibility in this? Mom brought the toy and sent little one in with it so there was a risk in doing that.

This post really irritated me and I will be honest in saying that it is comments like this that exhaust and burn out people in the childcare fields....daycare workers, teachers and such. Parents expect perfection and a person makes ONE mistake and a parent is willing to rip their child out a daycare or school. the mom said the child did fine while there and she seemed happy with the service otherwise. Wouldnt it do MORE harm than good to find yet another sitter rather than keep him at a place where she knows he already had at least one good experience (outside of a lost toy which may still turn up)?

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