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Originally Posted by coffeemama
Subbing to read this thread later. I have tried making yogurt in the crockpot and 50% of the time it doesnt thicken so I quit but, would love to start doing it and have it work EVERYTIME!
The biggest trick to flawless yogurt every time, is paying attention to the temperature. You have to let it heat up to at least 180 degrees, and then do NOT add the live starter until it cools to 120 degrees. I ladle out a cup of the heated milk, let it cool to 120 and then mix it with the starter yogurt and let it sit uncovered for an hour. This helps the bacteria multiply.... Then when the milk in the crock hits 120, mix it all together, cover the crock pot and insulate with a towel overnight. I wake up to yogurt, every time! Then o spend an hour or two straining it to get it thick.
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