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FSOT - looking for trainers of any kind to trade....or handmade things or yarn....

3 OS snap closure Blueberry coveralls VGUC
(I purchased brand new and we are now potty learning)

Pink Lemonade $10 + ship

Giraffes $10 + ship

Lemon Lime $8 + ship - waistline elastic is stretched out but does not affect function - actually is better on baby that way because it doesn't leave a bumpy mark on her skin.

or all 3 = $25 + shipping

1 OS white snap on purple Alvababy cover. It has a pocket for an insert but is used as a cover.
make an offer on this - I'm looking for any kind of trainer.

I am a non-smoker and have cats. The diapers were washed every couple of days in a homemade detergent of washing soda, borax, and oxyclean. Sometimes I would squirt blue dawn into the wash. I haven't ever used bleach on these and if they are dried in the dryer, it is on low. I prefer line dry. No PUL issues, no snapping issues. I love these covers.

Any other questions - please submit.


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