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Re: Kitchenaid mixer or food processor?

Thanks for all the replies ladies!

One question that comes to mind is the shredding, in my food processor the way the disc is setup that does the shredding, when you get down to a smaller piece left it winds up getting stuck between the top of the foodprocessor lid and the disc and either spins around or eventually falls between the disc and the wall down into the main compartment, so you wind up with a fair amount of big chunks of what you are greating isn't one big piece (like doing a bunch of zucchini for zucchini bread, or a bunch of carrots, each piece you put into the food processor winds up with a chunk at the end that doesn't get grated) My question is, is this just a cheap food processor issue that you don't see with good ones? And does the Kitchen Aid mixer grating attachment have a similar issue.

Hmm, the comment about making some stuff in a blender makes me wonder if that would be an option to get a good blender, the Ninja seems popular. I tend to write blenders off cause the one I had would get the hummus stuck around it and I'd always be trying to move stuff with a spoon to get it to keep mixing

And I'm a bit daft cause I never thought of the immersion blender for the hummus :P

Things I use stuff for/make, I'm vegetarian so we don't really do anything with meat in terms of cooking. I make a fair amount from scratch and moving towards making even more. We have a breadmaker which is where the bread gets made (cause that is easy :P I'd be interested in trying some nicer breads outside the breadmaker, but I think it can still make the dough...) The pizza dough and other doughs like that I've made in the breadmaker. I usually wind up chopping all the veggies by hand but like the idea of something that can do that quick and easy.

The size issue with the Kitchen Aid is a good point cause we're short on counter space and not a lot of storage space either... hmmm...
And I hate cleaning hard to clean things :P I swear sometimes you spend more time cleaning a food processor than you saved using it :P Though I've never been comfortable putting mine in the dishwasher so maybe a good quality one would help with that :P

Thanks for the ideas! If I had lots of space in my kitchen and lots of money to spend on kitchen appliances I think I could have a lot of fun :P :P
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