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Most of this is estimated yardage due to cuts, for example 1.75 yds means there was probably a diaper cut out of 2 yds, not that there is 1.75 linear yds.
All fabric has been prepped/felted and yardage is the after washing length. Just make me a reasonable offer and it's yours!

PUL film: 4+ yds
White Velour 2.75 yds
Oragnic Cotton Fleece 1.5 yds
Wickaway Mesh (this is a natural color trim stay dry fabric for inners of dipes, it's not "pretty", but it's trimmer than suedecloth) 4+ yds SOLD
Lavender PUL (1ml) 2yds (about 3 in shy of 2yd, never been cut)
Organic Sherpa 3.75yds SOLD
Organic Cotton Interlock 2yds SOLD
Zorb 2 yds SOLD
Black Wool Jersey 1.75 yds SOLD
Magenta Wool Jersey 2.75 yds
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