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Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of October 1st

Originally Posted by Hope4More View Post
Afm, the bug is in the uterus, but the gestational sac is empty. They measured it at 4+6, so maybe too early? I go back Tuesday for a repeat u/s and beta. My stomach is in knots...
Totally normal for an empty sac at that point. At my 4w+5d scan all we saw was an empty sac as well. Today at 5+6 there is a yolk sac and a 3mm embryo. Still too early for a detectable hb-that is not seen until embryo measures 5mm. (so yes I get to wait some more and go to my own OB next Friday the 12th-she has a better u/s machine anyway, the RE's kinda sucks in comparison :P back to RE October 16th for hopefully final scan and release to OB)
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